Surface Treatments Cut Off Saws

Circular saws and knives are tools that require specific solutions in order to obtain the best results. To guarantee the excellent quality and the best tool performance we have to coat the saw blades with the right film according to the customer application. Together with the hardness of the coating, it is also necessary to guarantee the correct adherence of the coated surface.

To obtain the best results our R&D department, together with our laboratory, work every day to research and develop our saw blades and to guarantee the best performance of our tools.

Over the years, Julia has developed 5 different coatings, optimised for circular saw blades.

Our P.V.D department has now 4 P.V.D machines to guarantee consistent quality and short lead times. The constant development guarantees the top performance of our circular saw blades, in compliance with restricted production tolerances and side run-out which is far below the market norm. The coatings, the run out, and the flatness, are checked on 100{adadf66b6610c7d85ce5bdfafdcd1f02059f2726ce72cdf7baec04e3067356e1} of our circular saw blades.


This is not a P.V.D coating, but a superficial CO2 steam oxide treatment with 2 microns penetration, suitable for cutting normal steel. The oxide surface treatment eliminates the tension during the working session, improves the cooling, and reduces the friction.


P.V.D Coating with 3 micron depth titanium base, which is obtained at a process temperature of approximately 490°C. It guarantees a coefficient of friction of 0.47 and a maximum oxidation temperature of 640°. The hardness of the coated layer reaches 2,480 Vickers (Hv 0.05). Its low thermal conductivity guarantees a high heat shield which protects the hardened steel base.

This coating is suitable to cut medium steel and must always be used with plenty of lubrication. It is not suitable for copper, brass or bronze cutting.


P.V.D. Coating with 2.5 micron depth. It is obtained by a plasma of titanium and carbon that enhance the hardness to 3,000 Vickers (Hv 0.05). The friction coefficient 0.22 is very low thanks to the large quantity of carbon. This characteristic makes it very suitable for cutting very abrasive materials such stainless steel and alloyed steels with a hardness up to 800 N/mm².  The low coefficient of friction drastically reduces the chip welding on the cutting edge or in the disc sidewall. This coating should always be used with plenty of lubrication during the cutting operation – it has a low oxidation temperature (400°C).


Multilayer P.V.D coating with 2.5 micron depth. It is obtained from a plasma with a particular titanium, carbon, and acetylene composition. This composition gives the coating a very low friction coefficient of 0.18 together with a considerable hardness of deposited layer 3,200 Vickers. (HV 0.05). These two characteristics guarantee the circular blades will be high performance with low wear, and also ensure an improvement in the cut’s finish. It is a coating with an oxidation temperature of 470°C and therefore must be used with abundant lubrication. It is particularly suitable for cutting stainless steel, titanium, and hardened steel, along with brass and copper.


P.V.D Multilayer coating with depth of 3 micron. The plasma is obtained by the fusion of a titanium cathode and aluminium, in a particular percentage composition. The addition of an inert gas during the process, and the energy source with which the molecules are loaded, enable surface bombardment of the coating, resulting in excellent coating properties that guarantee a high thermal resistance to the sub layer; it has in fact, an oxidation temperature of 800°C obtaining a superficial hardness of 3,400 Vickers (Hv 0,05). The friction coefficient is 0.45 which enables the use of circular saws with excellent results with limited or minimum lubrication or micro-fog nozzle. It is particularly suitable for high alloy steel, up to 1100 N/mm², for cast iron cutting, stainless steel and all materials that develop high heat energy.


P.V.D Multi-layer coating with a thickness of 2,5 microns, opaque grey coloured. The particular composition and the innovative mix of noble elements developed by our R&D achieves a hardness which is higher than 3.650 Vickers (Hv 0,05), unattained by any other coating. This new coating is very tenacious and very resistant to high temperatures. These features are very important to guarantee long-life when using circular saw blades with high speed parameters. It is highly recommended for circular saw blades to work with critical cutting parameters on high performance machines. The friction coefficient of 0,40 allows the use of circular saws both for cutting without coolant, or micro-nebulization, as well as for cutting with plenty of coolant. It’s suggested for cutting high alloy steels up to 1000 N/mm2, stainless steel and all material developing a high thermal energy.