Machine Tools Saw Blades

Machine Tools Saw Blades are available for all hacksaw machines in the length from 300 – 1000 mm. Pinholes are standard or for KASTO-machines, in quality HSS-DMo5.

The quality HSS-E/Co is available in some special sizes, upon request.

Multi-purpose can drill / hole saw

Some years ago our challenge was to create a hole saw for professional work and having the advantage of being resharpenable. As result of our efforts we offer now a precision tooth geometry, which give a clean and smooth cut. It carries a centre bore and a conical ejection spring, to grant an optimized cutting depth. The hexagonal shank is interchangeable, for chucks of 10 and 13 mm capacity.

The body is rust-protected by a gunmetal-finish and the whole tool is designed for a long professional life.

It serves to cut solid wood, chipboard, plywood, plastics and drywall.

It can be used on stationary machines or handheld power tools.

Attention: Never to use in rotating rock drilling function.