Bi-Metal Band Sawblades

Our bi-metal bandsaws for semi and fully automatic machines are manufactured in M42 (8 percent cobalt steel), to guarantee the best cutting performances on all materials used in mechanical working. They can be supplied with different tooth patterns and cutting angles, as standard tooth with 0° or Hook tooth form with 10°, according to the customer’s needs. All the options can be delivered in coils or welded loops.


Our M42 band saw blade has a very high wear resistance thanks to the martensitic structure of the cutting tips. The high cobalt content creates an excellent hardness and toughness, reducing wear rates at high speeds. With a high chromium backing, the band saw blade can withstand the considerable flexing stresses, tension and blade guide pressure present in the modern sawing machines. A very important aspect is the selection of the correct tooth pitch and form for the application. The right choice has a direct impact on the cutting results.