Maintenance & Repair

Julia GmbH offers to their customers several services in order to restore saw blades precision and cutting ease.

Restoration Services

Our “restore to New” services are the following:

  • Sharpening of HSS-cut-off-saw blades;
  • Retoothing of HSS-cut-off saw blades;
  • Coating;
  • Rectifying of saw blades;
  • Sharpening of TCT saw blades;
  • Replacing of TCT-tips on TCT saw blades incl. sharpening;
  • Repair of segmental saw blades (Replacement of segments);
  • Sharpening of router bits and drills, incl. profiled cutters;
  • Sharpening of circular knives;
  • Modifications of central bores.

Resharpening & retoothing of HSS circular saw blades

These processes are executed on modern CNC machines. A final check includes monitoring of the finish and geometry, to provide the best performance in operation.

Our machines are capable to work out nearly all known types of toothforms and geometry
  • tootform: A, AW, B, BW, HZ, BR
  • modification of rack- and clearance angles
  • Vario-toothing (Group 8)
  • removal of piercings and larger break-outs